An observational Study of E-scooter impacts upon ED in the United Kingdom
This research aims to quantify the prevalence and nature of injuries sustained by individuals involved in accidents associated with e-scooters. We are also looking to quantify the resources used within EDs associated with e-scooter presentations, examine the proportion of private vs. rented scooters, and estimate the incidence of substance misuse and helmet usage.


The Study

The SEED-UK study aims to understand the nature of injuries sustained by e-scooter users, passengers, and bystanders. We are also examining the impact upon EDs these injuries are having. This study doesn’t involve any additional treatments or tests, and no extra questions other than those that your Doctor will ask you routinely.

The Data

We will collect data from your medical records about the injuries sustained and a few details about the accident. We will also record the investigations you had whilst in hospital and the diagnosis provided. We will not collect any personal information.

The Benefits

This research may be used to inform the impact of private and rental e-scooter usage upon the health system and the wider population as a whole. It may be used to inform public health messages around its use. It could also positively impact someone who comes to the hospital with an e-scooter injury.

The Results

The final outcomes from the study will be communicated via presentations in scientific meetings and by peer reviewed publications. We will aim to publish the results approximately 12 months after completion.

Study documents for administration of the trial

Study Protocol

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Patient Information Sheet

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Information Poster

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