TERN is a new research network, and so working relationships are developing, although the core structure of TERN is simple.

Core Structure

Currently the core structure of TERN is:


We currently have a further three committee members, with an as-yet unfilled committee member role. If you’d like to fill it, please email an expression of interest and a CV!

  • Education Leads
    • Celestine Weegenaar, Rajesh Chatha
  • Events & Publicity
    • (Unfilled)
  • Funding Lead & Treasurer
    • Hridesh Chatha

The Network

Regional Representatives

We now move beyond the core structure of TERN (the Executive) to the wider TERN network. Decisions made about TERN and its administration are taken in consultation with the Regional Representatives. The role of the regional representatives is to promote TERN within their region, find & support trainees who are interested in participating or leading TERN studies locally. The regions are divided (roughly) as such:

(Regional map for TERN Regions)

There, is of course, more variation than that, and you can find out who your actual regional rep is by visiting our map.

Hospital Leads 

Hospital Leads are responsible for leading on a single project. This will be recognised through inclusion on the study manuscript as being a lead for that project at that site. For some hospitals or R&D departments who are not happy to have trainee Principal Investigators, it may be a consultant who is a nominative PI whilst the work is performed by these hospital leads; your efforts will be acknowledged.

Collaborators are practitioners who help the hospital lead with study set-up, data collection or another aspect of the project. This will be recognised through inclusion on the study manuscript as contributing to that project.

Working Relationships

TERN, as a part of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, maintains close working relationships with many parts of the college.

RCEM Learning 

TERN’s mission to demystify clinical research and improve everyday engagement with research means we have a heavy presence on RCEMLearning. We have a dedicated area and publish a monthly post on the first Thursday of each month (or #TERNSDay). Through educational (and deeply entertaining) articles on RCEMLearning we hope to make research a more approachable part of every-day practice. We are looking to develop this further, through developing podcasts, webinars, and other educational content. Watch this space.

Emergency Medicine Trainees’ Association

We hold close ties to EMTA, and as a trainee-facing organization hope to help trainees. One of the aims of TERN is in improving the lives of our trainees, and so through working with EMTA hope to make this happen. We are currently involved in working on developing a new survey platform to better understand how changes to the training programme & working conditions impact upon trainees’ lives longitudinally.

RCEM Research Committee

As a body under the auspices (and funded!) by RCEM, we maintain close links to the RCEM Research Committee. It should be noted that all grants and funding applied for undergo the same process of competition, and we do not engender any specific benefits when it comes to this competitive process.