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TERN Updates and Posts have historically been hosted on RCEMLearning. As part of TERN’s educational remit, we aim to talk about our trials and ensure people know about them. We like people to be engaged with the network and feel some ownership over it. As a result, we like to talk about the studies, what we’re up to and how people can get involved. Before this website existed this was done on RCEMLearning. We foresee this continuing alongside this website as well. For now, you can read TERN updates and posts about our studies, and about the network here.

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TIRED: My Slice of the PI

TERN’s first migration is complete

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Current Projects – AHEAD2

Current Projects – HED

TERN Updates

Ternty twenty one

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TERN around bright eyes

TERN February 2019 – Chickens and Eggs

TERN January 2019

TERN September 2018

Research in Emergency Medicine training: one straw too many?