TERN Top Papers

TERN Top Papers

Trainees do not always have time to read the most recent papers. We want to help trainees stay abreast of the evidence base. We have started by producing a monthly summary of important articles. Indeed, improving engagement with research is one of TERN’s core aims. Teams of trainees from each region (with the assistance of the TERN Education Leads) will produce a summary each month. These will be comprised of a selection of the most important articles to trainees based around that month’s theme published from the past year.

TERN Top Papers will presented a curated and summarised selection of papers on a theme chosen by a regional panel. Themes are predetermined for the first few, but there is scope to bring your own research interests to the panel. By going region by region, we hope to develop different regional leads, encourage closer-working and build a wider network of research-minded individuals.

This summary will be written by trainees for trainees. Participation will help EM trainees evidence the research specialty learning outcome (SLO10) and will help aspiring EM trainees demonstrate commitment to specialty. If you are interested in getting involved email us at tern.education@rcem.ac.uk with your name, grade, and deanery.

Our links will be updated each month, or they can be found on RCEMLearning.

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