We want TERN to provide benefits for our trainees. We value the time and energy that our trainees give to us, and we want to ensure that we make their lives better.

Greater research opportunities

No longer does a trainee need an ACF or a badged research role in order to eke out time to get involved in research. We provide the opportunity to get involved in research without having to start a new project from scratch. We give trainees the opportunity to develop skills as Principal Investigators (PIs) so they can develop their own projects armed with this knowledge.

Reduced time burden

Through taking care of some of the set-up centrally and running these network studies, we reduce the time-burden placed upon busy doctors, and make research a more sustainable professional activity.

Research training

Our training & education comes in several forms. Through acting as a PI trainees learn through doing, turning the abstract process into a familiar practical skill. We also provide education through our RCEMLearning platform, through training days and presentations. We are planning to expand and start putting on webinars for our trainees on a number of topics.

Supporting study leave

TERN supports the use of study leave (image), so trainees can undertake research activity supported by their deanery and don’t have to spend their Sundays recruiting patients or staying late after a shift. We believe research is an integral part of trainee development and training, and think it should be recognised as a supported professional activity with time set aside for it.

Concrete outputs

The size of the TERN projects and the work that goes into them results in high quality studies that result in presentations and publications. This results in concrete outputs for trainees, who are named & listed on all presentations and publications – just see the contributor list for TIRED. We want everyone to see how TERN benefits trainees.