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What's the TERNED Mailing List? you ask.

First of all: hello. You may have noticed us producing a lot more educational content recently. That is thanks to the sterling efforts of our new Education Reps - Raj Chatha and Celestine Wegeenaar. We want to make sure you never miss out on a post or a podcast from us, so are producing a second mailing list, separate to the usual TERN Mailing list (which can be found here). This one will be focusing on the TERN Educational content we produce, so we will endeavour to keep the two different streams of content separate. If you want to find out more, you can join our TERNEd mailing list here:

Here's a nice pretty picture to go with it.

Logo for TERNEducation

Welcome to the TERNiverse!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new home of the Trainee Emergency Research Network. This website will be the place to find information on the network, find out about our studies, and retrieve protocols & study documents. This is not to say we are leaving RCEMLearning - we'll still be posting our monthly posts and featured articles on RCEMLearning.

We want to provide a space where we can discuss the network, answer frequently asked questions about our studies, and provide study-specific resources. For instance, when we start recruiting for SHED, this will be the place to find our site leaderboard. If you go to our entry for SHED, you can find our protocol and documents required to run the study.

This site will also function as a repository of information about our studies, with links to our presentations, publications, and provide an overview of each study. For an example of this, look at our entry for TIRED - the navigation bar at the top will take you there.

We've also included information about the network. A lot of the information here has been the basis for some decisions we've taken, but we've previously not had the space to discuss why we've made the decisions we have made. This site will allow us to be more transparent about the network and the decisions it makes. It is a trainee-centred network - it is important you know about the internal workings of it.

Please email me if you've got any questions, or if you'd like to throw praise our way. Most of the praise for the design should go to Nigel Taylor, who made a template so fool-proof that even I was able to produce these pages.



TERN Fellow